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Reviews for Maths books by O.P. Gupta

Good work Mr. Gupta! Your word and work show your passion and honesty towards Mathematics. Really I haven’t met you but I can judge you that you are a great teacher and guide to the students… Keep it up! Hoping to learn a lot from you.

Sachin Pandey

Maths was always my weak point. However, after receiving the guidance and support of O.P. Gupta sir, I can say that I’ve pretty much conquered my fear of answering this subject. The “MATHEMATICIA” has excellent question bank and the “MATH MANIA” too, which has primarily the previous board questions, has helped me perform well. Furthermore, Sir was always easily accessible at all times and would readily clear my doubts. Despite staying out of India and receiving such an attention, I feel truly blessed.. May God always bless him for his humble and sincere efforts..

Bhagya Ratna Achanti Bhagya Ratna Achanti

These books are very useful because (a) well explained theoretical portion (b) covers different types of questions (c) students will be aware of different types of questions and this helps them to attend every question in any exam (d) cover basic as well as high level reasoning questions (e) Quality as well as quantity (f) Increases student’s way of attempting a particular question.

Chandan Kumar