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# Academic Session 2013 – 2014

01. Akash Kumar Nigam (Marks 100, Roll No. 1669643, Sagar Public School)
Respected sir,
First of all I would like to thank you for your guidance and support.
I believe that the preparation for board exams is divided into 3 phases.
Phase 1 – This phase includes completing the syllabus and understanding the concepts. For me, it stretched from late March to mid November.
Phase 2 – This phase includes identifying which topics are weak and working on them after the syllabus is completed. The focus is on the questions we are not able to do at first attempt and perfecting them. For me, this phase stretched from mid November to late February. A particular book can also be targeted for revision. I targeted NCERT Maths Exemplar Problems book.
Phase 3 – Just before the exam, we should practice sample papers to develop exam temperament and time management.
Some tips for junior students :
1. NEVER FORGET THE NCERT – During my XII preparations, I have seen many students ignoring the NCERT books. Remember, the paper is supposed to be based on NCERT. Thus, it is necessary to be familiar with NCERT. Do not think that NCERT is too easy. For example try this – I was not told about the derivation of the solution of linear differential equation in school, my coaching teacher explained me, but even he was not thorough. If you look up in the NCERT, there is a detailed explanation of each and every step of the derivation. I agree that it is unlikely to be asked in the exam, but not many students know the derivation if you ask them.
2. NEVER MISS ASSIGNMENTS – Once you miss an assignment, it is most likely that it will never be done. No matter what, you should do all the assignments. It is not necessary to solve all the questions, you should know how to solve all of them and you should do at least 5 questions of each type from each chapter along with NCERT exercises and examples. Try to be regular and attentive in class.
3. FORMULAS – There are many formulas in Maths, especially in Integration. You Must Know The Derivation For All Of Them. And while trying to learn formulas, do some questions based on them, it will help in memorizing. The reason I emphasize on knowing derivation is that on many instances in my tests at school, I forgot the formula, but I was never in trouble regarding formulas because I knew the derivation to all of them.
4. SPECIAL QUESTIONS – There are some questions that are in NCERT or have appeared in previous board exams, which are above average. Yes, you would need to think of the solution all by yourself if you face a question that is new to you, but practicing some standard difficult questions comes in handy in the exam time. For example, this year we had a maxima-minima question based on cones. It was easy, but it can become tedious if you don’t take the right approach. The first time I did it, I followed a very long method, you can not afford to waste time in your paper. I faced similar problems in determinants. Practicing difficult questions would help you to face the above average part of the paper confidently.
5. TIME MANAGEMENT – In second pre-board at school, I got only 88 marks. I missed 10 marks just because I couldn’t solve the paper in 3 hours, in spite of knowing the solution to all the questions. You should practice in such a way that you can finish any paper in 2 and a half hours.
6. DO NOT NEGLECT OTHER SUBJECTS – Also not only in Maths, but try to get good marks in all subjects. I have got 95 in Physics, 96 in Chemistry, 97 in Optional, but 84 in English ruined my percentage. I had also focused on English, and my paper had gone fairly well. I would send the paper for revaluation but if the marks do not change, my percentage will remain as it is. Do not make the same mistake.
                                                LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, TRY TO ENJOY MATHS!

02. Arpit Agarwal (Marks 95, Roll No. 5706410, New Way Sr. Sec. School)
Dear readers, I secured 95 marks in Mathematics and overall 90% in aggregate. There wasn’t any particular success mantra. I was just consistent in my studies, and ensured I keep no backlogs. If there was any backlog at times due to health issues or other things, I made sure to put in extra hours to match up. With proper scheduling of work, day by day my confidence rose, at the end of day, it’s your confidence that matters. Besides, I had the faith in almighty and has support from my family.
When it came to Mathematics, my first priority was my NCERT Textbooks and summing up the syllabus till October so that I can have good 4-5 months for revision and practice. Group studies also helped me a lot. Me and my friend Rishabha Singh used to discuss the new questions we came across or the other methods to solve the question that eventually helped us to clear our concepts. While going through the chapter, I used to check all the illustrative examples and questions of NCERT books and the main point I remember was to mark the question which were not solved by me at one attempt so that I can have them handy just before my exam.
In the mid September I came across this site and found this site very helpful. I was always looking for something new and extra things and here we found out everything. OP Gupta Sir guided me every time I needed a help. From the month of October, I started practising the Sample Papers (Pleasure Test Series) provided on the site and previous year question banks MathsMania. These stuffs proved to me very much beneficial. After doing all these, the main problem that I faced was the time management and how to write in the examination. I used to go through all previous years topper’s copy to see the difference between my way of writing and their ways. I decided to solve full 3 hours paper thrice in a week the way I would write in my examination copy and a sample paper daily in which I would solve only new questions. In the beginning of February, I kept all the sample papers aside and again started revising NCERT Books because around 50-60% of the paper comes from these books only. I just use to go through the NCERT Questions and those questions which I had marked earlier.
How to write in the examination copy is an important factor in CBSE Exams because of the step-wise marking. One should keep this in mind which would help to score better marks.
I am thankful to OP Gupta sir for always helping me whenever I was stuck in a question. Hopefully I ended my exam on the high note. This is was the best Guru-Dakshina I could have given to you sir.

03. Akshay Shendge (Marks 99, Roll No.1669646, Sagar Public School)
Throughout the year, I studied NCERT thoroughly. I solved maths NCERT Books 3-4 times, including the examples. Along with NCERT, I solved Maths Exemplar and RD Sharma. For the final preparations, I solved the MathsMania series as mock tests, which helped me in understanding the pattern. I would advice all students to solve every question in the NCERT at least twice!

04. Rishabha Singh (Marks 95, Roll No.5706475, New Way Sr. Sec. School)
Hello friends! I got 95 marks in Maths and 96% in aggregate. It was not too easy but, simple steps made me to achieve this feat and I would like to share my experience with you.
Stage I – During April to November
1. As soon as I started my class XII, I started doing Maths for 2-3 hours daily. My main aim was to focus on NCERT numericals and examples.
2. I just made a notebook in which I solved each question in my way (the way I would solve in examination copy) which were very beneficial for me in revision. I summarized the whole chapter in notes after completing the chapter. It helped me whenever I needed the quick revision.
3. I went through each example & concept given in NCERT. And this was my routine till November. This was something which proved to be a milestone in my success. Not only for Maths, you can try this for all subjects.
Stage II – During November to January
1. Pre-board exams were arriving and I had five subjects to study but, I  ensured that my English subject (which usually, is given least attention by any Science student) was prepared up to 90%. So that I can focus on PCM mainly.
2. I solved almost each previous year examination questions from MathsMania by OP Gupta sir.
3. Then I just went through those sums which were difficult to me in MathsMania and I noted these sums and their solutions in a separate notebook.
4. Now it was time when almost every thing was prepared. Only time-management and overcoming with exam hall pressure was to be taken care of. So I decided to solve the sample papers in 2:45 hours only. This proved beneficial as I was able to do my Maths Paper in 2 hours and 06 minutes in final exam.
Stage III – In the month of February and March
1. I was not perfect in every topic but I was confident overall.
2. I just solved previous years question papers the way I would solve in the exams. As mentioned before, this helped in time management.
3. And yes on the day of exam, I just kept my parent’s, OP Gupta sir’s, my teachers and my friends belief on me in my mind and did my best for 3 hours, these were like a three hours struggle for life.
Besides all this, there were many things which were behind my success : friends and parents support, teachers beliefs in my success.
Still I regret for many things which prevented me to top my district. I wish that you should not do those mistakes. So I am summarizing them.
Always To Do :
1. Stay healthy, stay happy.
2. Make a separate copy for the questions which didn’t click you at once.
3. When you solve or practice a sum, solve it like you are giving boards and give the same effort you would do there. Note that you become what you practice often.
4. Make Maths your habit not only a subject.
5. Do your homework daily and make your goal on daily or weekly basis.
6. I got B2 grade in Maths in class 10, only practice made to reach this height in Maths in class 12.
Never Do :
1. Never give up.
2. Never postpone things.
3. Don’t think any sum unimportant.
4. Never ignore one marker sums.
5. Never compromise with your dreams.
Always remember Winners have their own success formula. And yes, success comes from daily efforts. There is no short-cut for success. You need to work hard and put in same efforts (or, more) everyday. You are born genius with unlimited potential. What will prevent you from success is only you.
All the best!

# Academic Session 2014 – 2015 & 2015 – 2016

Success stories of Toppers of 2014-15 & 2015-16 Sessions can be downloaded from Here.


  1. Ankit Kumar

    I got inspiration.

  2. Padhma Ramesh

    Are there any tips for solving determinant problems in 12th CBSE Maths very quickly?

  3. Khan

    Thanks for your success story….. Really inspired me.

  4. Rohit

    I’d like to thank sir for all the help he has provided. Also, the best part was his practice papers. They were excellent and very helpful for my boards. I’d recommend everyone to go through sir’s practice papers because they are very helpful or at least were very helpful for me. 🙂
    The only suggestion I can give him is that there is always room for improvement even for the best. So, please do your best in helping the students.
    Thank you once again. 🙂

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