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Hello Folks.
Followings are the HOTS-Series Assignment-cum Study Materials (based on Objective as well as Subjective patterns) for class X. These are based on NCERT Textbook of Class X and, are useful for CBSE Examination & State Board Examination as well .

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PDF Of All Chapters will be added soon🙂

Real Numbers
Solutions – Part 1 | Part 2
Real Numbers – coming soon
Solutions – Part 1 | Part 2
Polynomials – coming soon
Pair of Linear Eqs. in Two Variables
Solutions – Part 1 | Part 2
Pair of Linear Eqs. in Two Variables – coming soon
Quadratic Equations
Solutions – Part 1 | Part 2
Quadratic Equations – coming soon
Arithmetic Progression
Solutions – Part 1 | Part 2
Arithmetic Progression – coming soon
Triangles – coming soonTriangles – coming soon
Coordinate Geometry – coming soonCoordinate Geometry – coming soon
Introduction to Trigonometry
Solutions – Part 1 | Part 2
Introduction to Trigonometry – coming soon
Application of Trigonometry
Solutions – Check here
Application of Trigonometry – coming soon
Circles – coming soonCircles – coming soon
Constructions – coming soonConstructions – coming soon
Areas Related to Circles – coming soonAreas Related to Circles – coming soon
Surface Areas and Volumes – coming soonSurface Areas and Volumes – coming soon
Statistics – coming soonStatistics – coming soon
Probability – coming soonProbability – coming soon

Value Based Qs (Class 10 Maths)

We hope our efforts would have helped you in your preparations! If there’s anything that needs to be added/changed here, please let us know of the same at
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  1. Chirag Vyas

    Dear Sir, thanks for the study material you provided here for the seekers & others.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Chirag Vyas

  2. Lakshmi Venkatesh

    The pdf is not opening it is asking for a password. Please help to open it.

  3. Mukesh Kumar

    plz tell me the password for open the pdf file

  4. Plz tell me the password for open the PDF file

  5. 26/07/2021

    It will really help all students as well as teachers to prepare for Term exams as per the new pattern. Thanks a lot sir and salute for your effort towards all of us.

  6. 27/07/2021

    Thank you so much. This is actually very helpful

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