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  1. Rishabh Singh

    For me it is impossible to decide weather OP Gupta sir is the best teacher or the best person I ever contacted. I didn’t want to make it public, but I will have to tell, that he was the only who supported me emotionally and encouraged me to do better! After my Physics exam, I was broken and thinking of dropping the exams. Only he made me to give next exams and score as 93 (English), 95 (Physics), 95 (Maths), 98 (Chemistry), 99 (Optional Subject). Thanks a lot sir! You taught me Maths but you taught me life more. My whole credit of success goes to you after my parents.

  2. Nikhil Brahmbhatt

    Hello Everybody,
    I would like to thank Mr. OP Gupta on behalf of my sister Nidhi for guiding her throughly and helping her out at difficult times.
    Sir, you are a wonderful person and I really appreciate your dedication towards students.
    May God give bless you with long life and good health, continue the good work.
    Nikhil Brahmbhatt

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