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Services! For many people, education now is a business. For us @ Mathematicia, it is a Service. At far, it is a Noble Business.

Read here about our services : What are we offering?

We’re not doing just flat business here @ Mathematicia. The purpose is to offer Help in Maths! Amount mentioned for the Package(s) includes all the cost that we bear in the preparations of these materials, maintenance of this website and other relevant costs. It’s never easy and possible to bear all this with our small finance all alone. So, we request you to co-operate so that we can continuously offer these Maths services to benefit the students in need.

On the other hand, you can always utilize the benefits of Free Materials available at this website.
– OP Gupta, MathsGuru

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  1. Sreekanth

    Sir, I need soft copy of competitive level for XI ad XII for all India engineering entrances without any headings. Is this service available? If it is there. how much about this package?

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