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Hello all.
I often wonder what is the actual motive of life. Everyone cleverly decides about their life-goal(s).
What is the problem then? A thing/person/venture etc. which is important now may be irrelevant in the time to come.
In this scenario, what can we do? I often ponder about this.
I have come across certain things to deal with this.

Life is never irrelevant, it is never meaningless. If it seems so, please define new meanings to your life.

Being in the field of teaching since 2006, I’ve always intended to add some new dimensions to my teaching skills and teaching aids almost every year. Attempting innovating things, taking new ventures every now and then to help the students in need – it has been fruitful both ways – my own satisfaction and better performances of students.
I’m really thankful to the bunch of students who have studied in past and are studying at present in my classes over the years, for all their trust shown in me and my limited abilities. I’m grateful for their unconditional support all the time in my ventures – glad that they never questioned my intentions of helping them!

This online venture of helping students beyond the four-walls of my classes came at that time when I was going through mental-numbness. The question of me being a teacher was under scrutiny – I had almost quit. And then, I thought of sharing my little knowledge with the world – I thought even if I’m not teaching I must share the enormous Maths materials which I’ve made over the years. Taking first step in this direction, I created a blog at – it gathered an overwhelming response within the time span of just one year – 2,50,000+ visits. The better that happened was – my doubts were cleared – I’m teaching again happily.

Since there were some limitations of being at a free blog. So I decided to launch this website in order to pursue my ever-increasing passion towards Maths – and my passion to help-out kids in Maths!

I’m sure that with all the supports of students, teachers and parents we shall create a better world for Maths learners!

With lots of love and blessings,
– OP Gupta, MathsGuru


  1. Bhupesh

    I have failed in maths in CBSE class 12. Now I have to appear compartment and I am very tensed with my studies. How can I pass in coming exam?
    Please help.

    • 01/06/2016

      Join some good coaching in your area. Also, study from Exemplar Problems book.

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