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Having taught Maths passionately since 2006, I have devoted myself to this subject. No matter how I feel, I feel better when I teach. I am always delighted when students tell me they hated Maths before and could never learn it, but taking Maths with me has made it understandable and even a little enjoyable. Every book, study material or practice material I have written tries to teach serious Maths in a way that allows the students to learn Maths without being afraid. I prefer writing the Mathematical concepts in my books in interactive format, and in a bit easy way (correlating the Mathematical concepts with their real lives) which makes learning them enjoyable that too without stress.

One minute old at this writing, my hobbies (besides Maths) till this moment are painting, photography, novel reading, writing poems, articles and listening to music. Being a thinker, I have penned down many articles which has been beneficial for many of my students. For such articles, one can visit my blog :

I am qualified as an Electronics & Communications engineer. Due to my passion towards Maths, I did Bachelors in Maths as well.

I have been honoured with the prestigious INDIRA AWARD by the Govt. of Delhi.

To me, teaching Maths is always a great joy. I hope I can give you some of this joy!