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Hello folks.
Now a days, there’s a lot of competition. Almost all the prestigious professional courses now require the candidates to clear through an Entrance Exams. In order to get through prestigious institutions such as IITs, NITs, RECs, NDA/NA etc., every year exams are conducted by CBSE or Joint Admission Board of IITs.
It is evident that these Entrance Exams evaluate the students on their conceptual strength and other aspects by arranging Objective Type Questions in their Entrance Examinations.
Keeping in mind this need of students, here we have attempted our best to offer a fair idea about the level of questions which is asked in these entrance exams. We are including chapter-wise Question Bank of Objective Type. The Answer-Key has also been provided to assist you in your preparations. We hope that it shall prove beneficial to you.

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01. OTS-Matrices & Determinants : Coming soon
02. OTS-Inverse Trigonometric Functions : Coming soon
03. OTS-Continuity & Differentiability : Coming soon

04. OTS-Applications Of Derivatives : Coming soon
05. OTS-Integrals (a) Indefinite Integrals  Part 1  Part 2  (b) Definite Integrals
06. OTS-Differential Equations : Coming soon
07. OTS-Vector Algebra : Coming soon
08. OTS-Three Dimensional Geometry : Coming soon

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