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Hello Scholars.
CBSE, New Delhi conducts the annual examinations in the months of March and April (usually) every year for class XII. For the purpose of reference, CBSE issues Sample Papers.
Here we are providing you Sample Papers of Maths for the practice. These Sample Papers are based on the Latest Guidelines of CBSE, New Delhi. Solutions, Hints and/or Answers or References of the questions in Sample Papers have been added too.

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These Sample Papers are Latest papers for the CBSE Exams 2020-21. To Buy more latest Sample Papers, you can simply, Click Here and follow the process. In case of any clarifications, contact us via WhatsApp @ +91 9650350480 (only message). To learn why you Must be doing your preparation with our Test Series : Click Here-Records (2016-17) & Click Here-Records (2015-16)

**Latest Sample Paper for 2021 Exams, have been issued by CBSE. To download, Click Here.


PTS-01 (Live)Solutions Of PTS-01 (Live)
PTS-02 (Live)Solutions Of PTS-02 (Live)
PTS-03 (Live)Solutions Of PTS-03 (Live)
PTS-04 (Live)Solutions Of PTS-04 (Live)
PTS-05 (Live)Solutions Of PTS-05 (Live)
PTS-06 (to be held on 16/01/2021)Solutions Of PTS-06 (Live @ 9 AM on 17/01/2021)
PTS-07 #Solutions Of PTS-07
PTS-08 #Solutions Of PTS-08
PTS-09 #Solutions Of PTS-09
PTS-10 #Solutions Of PTS-10
PTS-11 #Solutions Of PTS-11
PTS-12 #Solutions Of PTS-12
PTS-13 #Solutions Of PTS-13
PTS-14 #Solutions Of PTS-14
PTS-15 #Solutions Of PTS-15
PTS-16 #Solutions Of PTS-16
PTS-17 #Solutions Of PTS-17
PTS-18 # Solutions Of PTS-18
PTS-19 # Solutions Of PTS-19
PTS-20 # Solutions Of PTS-20
⊗ ACHIEVERS  TEST SERIESSolutions Of ATS are given below
ATS-01Solutions Of ATS-01

#Note that if you’re not able to download any Paper from the links above mentioned, that means the Test is Not under FREE Downloads.

These Sample Papers are Latest papers for the Annual Exams 2020-21. A few of the tests are available as FREE Downloads – to promote Math education. For doubts, write in the comment section below. Occasionally, you can contact us via WhatsApp @ +91 9650350480 (only message).

If you are running a Coaching Center (or, an individual teacher/tutor), and want to have these Sample Papers and Topic Tests in your Own Branding, please contact us on THEOPGUPTA@GMAIL.COM or, WhatsApp @ +91 9650350480.

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  1. Sujatha

    Thanks a ton.

  2. S. K. Aggarwal

    Please send me sample paper test chapter-wise.

    • 31/05/2015

      Papers are available on the site and are updated time to time. Kindly check in the concerned class link.

  3. Great work sir!

  4. 12/12/2020

    Thanks for the test. Pls give the solution early.

  5. 12/12/2020

    Very good work for our practice. Thank u sir

  6. 13/12/2020

    Sir, I tried to complete my test in 3 hours. But I couldn’t attempt all questions. How can I increase my speed? Please help me sir

    • 13/12/2020

      Doing more practice will be of help. Next time, try to solve those questions speedily where you are more comfortable. It shall give you a few extra minutes to devote to those questions which doesn’t click in one go.

      • 01/01/2021

        In test paper 03 question no 24 is in reduced syllabus or not sir??

        • 02/01/2021

          It is in Actual Syllabus and needs to be done for 2020-21.

  7. 15/12/2020

    Sir, full syllabus ka test 2 kab hoga?

  8. 28/12/2020


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