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Hello folks.
For class XII, CBSE, New Delhi conducts the annual examinations in the months of March – April (usually) every year. For the purpose of reference, CBSE issues Sample Papers. Besides this, referring to the Question Papers of Previous Years Exams (normally termed as Ten Years Question Papers Set) is also quite helpful.
Here we are providing Last Years Solved CBSE Papers of Maths, along with the Latest CBSE Sample Papers with Marking Scheme. We have also included a few Solved Compartment Papers of Maths conducted by CBSE, New Delhi.
Followings are the Solutions of CBSE Maths Exams held recently.

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CBSE-2021 (Sample Paper issued by CBSE) | More Latest Sample Papers
CBSE-2020 Compt. (Series HMJ/C Code No.65/C/1, 65/C/2, 65/C/3) | (Check Video 1 Video 2)
CBSE-2020 (Series HMJ/1 Code No.65/1/1, 65/1/2, 65/1/3) | (Check Video 1)
CBSE-2020 (Series HMJ/2 Code No.65/2/1, 65/2/2, 65/2/3) | (Check Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4)
CBSE-2020 (Series HMJ/3 Code No.65/3/1, 65/3/2, 65/3/3) | (Check Video 1)
CBSE-2020 (Series HMJ/4 Code No.65/4/1, 65/4/2, 65/4/3) | (Check Video 1)
CBSE-2020 (Series HMJ/5 Code No.65/5/1, 65/5/2, 65/5/3) | (Check Video 1  Video 2)
CBSE-2020 (Sample Paper issued by CBSE)
CBSE-2019 (Series BVM/5 Code No.65/5/1, 65/5/2, 65/5/3)
CBSE-2019 (Series BVM/4 Code No.65/4/1, 65/4/2, 65/4/3)
CBSE-2019 (Series BVM/3 Code No.65/3/1, 65/3/2, 65/3/3)
CBSE-2019 (Series BVM/2 Code No.65/2/1, 65/2/2, 65/2/3)
CBSE-2019 (Series BVM/1 Code No.65/1/1, 65/1/2, 65/1/3)
CBSE-2019 (Sample Paper issued by CBSE)
CBSE-2018 (Delhi Compt. – Series SGN/C Code No.65/1)
CBSE-2018 (For Blind Candidates – Series SGN Code No.65 B)
CBSE-2018 (Delhi/All India/ Foreign – Series SGN Code No.65/1)
CBSE-2018 (Sample Paper issued by CBSE) | Check Video
CBSE-2017 (Delhi Compt. – Series GBM/1/C Code No.65/1/1)
CBSE-2017 (Delhi – Series GBM/1 Code No.65/1/1)
CBSE-2017 (All India – Series GBM Code No.65/1/1)
CBSE-2017 (Foreign – Series GBM/2 Code No.65/2/1)
CBSE-2017 (issued by CBSE) : Sample Paper – 01 | Sample Paper – 02
CBSE-2016 (Delhi Compt. – Series ONS/1/C Code No.65/1/1)
CBSE-2016 (Delhi – Series ONS/1 Code No. 65/1/2/D)
CBSE-2016 (Foreign – Series ONS/2 Code No.65/2/1/F)
CBSE-2016 (All India – Series ONS Code No.65/1/N)
CBSE-2016 (All India – Series ONS Code No.65/1/C)
CBSE-2016 (All India – Series ONS Code No.65/1/S)
CBSE-2016 (All India – Series ONS Code No.65/1/E)
CBSE-2016 (Sample Paper issued by CBSE)
CBSE-2015 (Delhi – Series SSO/1 Code No. 65/1/D)
CBSE-2015 (All India – Series SSO Code No. 65/1/A)
CBSE-2015 (All India – Series SSO Code No. 65/1/RU)
CBSE-2015 (All India – Series SSO Code No. 65/1/B)
CBSE-2015 (Foreign – Series SSO Code No. 65/1/F)
CBSE-2015 (All India – Series SSO Code No. 65/1/MT)
CBSE-2015 (All India – Series SSO Code No. 65/1/C)
CBSE-2015 (All India – Series SSO Code No. 65/1/G)
CBSE-2015 (Sample Paper issued by CBSE)
CBSE-2014 (Compt. Delhi)
CBSE-2014 (Compt. Outside Delhi)
CBSE-2014 (Delhi)
CBSE-2014 (All India)
CBSE-2014 (Foreign)
CBSE-2014 (Sample Paper issued by CBSE)
CBSE-2013 (Compt. Delhi)
CBSE-2013 (Delhi)
CBSE-2013 (All India)
CBSE-2013 (Sample Paper issued by CBSE)
CBSE-2012 (Compt. Delhi)
CBSE-2012 (Delhi)
CBSE-2012 (All India)
CBSE-2012 (Foreign)
CBSE-2011 (Delhi)
CBSE-2010 (Compt. Delhi)
CBSE-2010 (Delhi)
CBSE-2010 (Delhi, All India & Foreign)
CBSE-2009 (Delhi, All India & Foreign)
CBSE-2008 (Delhi & All India)

Verified Answer Sheets of CBSE Topper

Verified Answer Sheet (CBSE-2015)
Maths-XII-Marking Scheme (Main Exam 2014)
Verified Answer Sheet (CBSE-2014)
Verified Answer Sheet (CBSE-2013)
Verified Answer Sheet (CBSE-2012)
Verified Answer Sheet (CBSE-2011)

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      May I remind you to had sent the scanned copy of class XII Board Q paper Maths 2015 SSO 65_3_B which you had promised to publish solved solutions by now prior to comp exams. Is it possible sir ji?

  2. Hardik

    Your website is a great help to the students. The formula sheets made by you was great help. The T20s study guides for probability helped me a lot in this topic, which I was afraid of. Thanks a ton to you for your great efforts. God bless you!

  3. Pahul

    Please provide solutions for CBSE (All India) 2014 as early as possible.
    Your efforts are appreciable and helpful especially list of formulae.
    Thanks a lot.

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    And student can easily make himself ready for exam using these.

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    with solutions asap…

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    Sir, I need class 12th set 1 series sso code-65/1/RU mathematics paper.
    Send that paper.

  13. Anandamoy Chakraborty

    Dear OP Gupta ji,
    May I remind you to had sent the scanned copy of class XII Board Q paper Maths 2015 SSO 65_3_B which you had promised to publish solved solutions by now prior to comp exams. Is it possible sir ji?

  14. Anandamoy Chakraborty

    Dear OP Gupta Sirji,
    I had posted one comment to you yesterday, expecting some response from you in reciprocation. Please guide me the desired solution.
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  16. Anandamoy Chakraborty

    Dear Mr. Sumit,
    I can provide with the scanned copy of unsolved Q paper SSO 65_3_B which I am having presently only. I may look into the possibility of the C series by speaking to others, in case available I will send you that too.
    Anandamoy Chakraborty

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    On my part I would always extend my part of support to you to the extent of my ability & hence please feel free to contact me when ever you please & it would be my pleasure to attend.
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  20. Anandamoy Chakraborty

    Dear Sri OP Gupta Guruji, Namaste.
    I had sent you 2 sets of scanned copies of All India Maths Comp exam held in last 16th July 15. Did you receive them? I had sent them by your email address. Why don’t you publish the solved papers of the sent series. This had been done by none. It is believed from the marks received by all the students who had attended these paper series had been granted extremely low marks within 12/100. Probably the board had loat these answer scripts. I believe this would be extremely helpful to the future students.

  21. Dear Sri OP Gupta Guruji, Namaste.
    I personally thank you for publishing the solved class XII maths Q paper of Bhubaneshwar region. This would be of great help for XII Board aspiring students of this region.
    Thank U & Regards
    Anandamoy Chakraborty

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    Plzzz sir, help if say I’ll upload the question paper where you’ll say.
    M.9337066019, plzz contact.

    • 29/05/2016

      Kindly WhatsApp the Question Paper at +91-9650350480.

  25. Manpriya

    Sir I urgently need the ssolution of CBSE class XII 2016 Code no. 65/2/N. Plzz sir, help me out.

    • 10/06/2016

      I do not have this paper as of now. You can consider sending the same to my email id –

      • Manpriya

        I have sent the paper to your email id.

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    Important formulae and chapter wise topics which will get in this supplementary.
    Plss send by mail.

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    Sir, I want the solutions of maths compartment exam paper of year 2017

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    Sir I want the solution of math CBSE 2019 paper. Series BVM/5, Set-2, Code No. 65/5/2.
    Please send it on my mail.

  33. 27/06/2019

    For 2019 compartment imp. ques, what to do so that students can clear the compartment? Sir can u help?

    • 28/06/2019

      Solve previous years papers, it should be helpful – as we do not have much time left now.

      • Divya

        Thank u sir, any thing imp u can tell sir regrading this exam?

  34. Divya

    And sir the paper can be similar type with main paper of 2019?

  35. Divya

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  36. 26/12/2019

    Sir, please help tell how can I clear maths compartment in 2020 as I could not in 2019. And, sir kya humari exam bhi regular students ke saath hogi and 80 marks ka paper hoga to baki 20 marks ka kya?

    • 28/12/2019

      Hi Deep, I’m sure you are preparing well for your exam. You should practice more Sample Papers on Latest Pattern. As far as 20 marks of internal are concerned, you need not worry for that as CBSE will convert your marks obtained out of 80 into out of 100 (by multiplying with 5/4). Rest, you can inquire with your School. They will be able to guide you.

  37. 29/12/2019

    Thank u very much sir for telling and sir can u suggest me any imp topic or ques which U think can come this year

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    Sir I want solutions of maths series ONS, code 65/3/S.. plzzz it’s urgent

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