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Hello Folks.

My objective of this website is to Learn and Share the knowledge of Mathematics with more and more number of students.  Click Here to read about me.

Why Mathematicia? By spending more than eight years (since 2006) now in dealing with the students of Mathematics of senior classes, I have come across about a few facts. (I would like to share them with you.) I feel that almost every student has gone through difficulty in dealing with Mathematics and hence has disliked it at some or the other time. (My observation might not be completely correct in a few cases!) My assumption is that there are two main reasons for it. Firstly, the students lack the basic concept of theories and secondly, they are unable to decide how to proceed for different types of problems. In my classes, both of these issues are well taken care of. Mathematicia series books are an extended outcome of my concern in the same direction. Mathematicia is a collection of many study-materials, assignments, papers and other useful stuffs. This has been quite beneficial for my classroom students (and, now many Online Students too).

What is the Motive of this Website? My main aim of presenting this website is to equip more students with a simple, complete, compact and sound study material at one place which will be sufficient for quick grasp at the time of revision and, also will be quite useful for the purpose of learning as well as practice. It is for this reason that several graded problems have been adopted in this website from the NCERT books along with many other problems that have been asked at different examinations such as CBSE, Mathematics Olympiad, NDA/NA, AIEEE (now JEE Main), IIT-JEE and other State Level Engineering Entrance Examinations. The format of each topic and presentation of problems have been kept in the manner that would enable the students in dealing with Mathematics more easily. (I’m tempted to say that this website is somehow the digital form of Mathematicia series books.)

If any time you get stuck in solving a problem of Maths (found here on this website or else where), please feel free to contact me. You can SMS/Call me on +91-9650 350 480 or, WhatsApp me @ +919650350480. Besides, you can email me at

Last but not the least, this blog is an outcome of my gratitude for my special students who have had immense impact over my life. I feel blessed to have such kind of students (actually such individuals, not merely students) with me!

I would be more than pleased if anyone points out any mistakes/errors in any material provided here. Please feel free to share your views with me about anything which doesn’t make sense. It will be really good for me, many future students and above all, for the Mathematics.

I hope my efforts will be fruitful and, it will prove beneficial for all of you!

I wish all the learners of Maths, a very best of luck! God bless you all!

Date : March 10, 2014.


  1. Pritthish

    Great job by you sir, really amazing!

  2. Rinku

    You are damn good sir, damn good!!!

  3. Dhruv

    Great sir jii…:)

  4. Abhay Gupta

    Excellent job sir,
    I appreciate your kind work for us.

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