NCERT Exemplar Problems Maths : Solutions available! (A Most Useful book for CBSE 2018 & JEE)

NCERT Exemplar Problems in Mathematics – A Solution Book (Class XII) by O. P. Gupta

We have brought Solutions for NCERT Exemplar Problems book on Mathematics for the students of class XII!

The Solutions booklet has been presented in a “very easy to grasp” format. Our NCERT Exemplar Problems Solutions book comes with an additional edge. It covers all the examples of each chapter besides the solutions of each exercise in every chapter. These Examples of every chapter are not provided in any other Solution book available in the market. 

SPECIFICATIONS Of NCERT Exemplar Problems in Mathematics – A Solution Book (Class XII)

Publisher :  Advanced Math Classes
Edition :  Fourth Revised Edition
Publication Year :  March  2017
Book Type :  Solutions book for NCERT Exemplar Problems in Mathematics of XII along with the Examples of Textbook
Table of Contents :  Click for Table Of Contents 
Sample Copy :  Click for Sample Chapter
Language :  English
Subject :  Mathematics
Authored By :  O. P. Gupta
No. of Pages :  194
Board :  CBSE, New Delhi and Other State Boards following NCERT Curriculum
Based on :  NCERT Exemplar Problems in Mathematics
Useful for :  CBSE and State Board Exams of 2016 onwards (XII) & JEE – Main
Dimension of Book :  A4 Size (8.27” x 11.69”)
Binding :  Paper Back
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Price :  Rs.320/-
Click to Purchase :  Click for Purchasing the book

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Before you place the order for your copy of Exemplar Solutions (Maths of class XII), please note that :
1.You are supposed to use this Solution-Draft for only your personal use.
2.You aren’t supposed to resale this product on your own or, via any third party.
3.Before you proceed to payment for Exemplar Solutions (XII), please view the Sample Copy of the Exemplar Solutions (Maths of class XII) which can be viewed by Clicking Here.
4.The solution to a few obvious sums haven’t been provided in a few cases. Obvious sums means, the sums which are extremely easy. For example, if we are asked to find the Principal value of Arcsin (1/2), then do we need to provide solution for this in Exemplar solutions? I’ve left such easiest sums.
5.We reserve the right to change/ modify the contents of Exemplar Solutions Book. The view in Sample Copy of the Exemplar Solutions may be different from what actually you get through courier (as we keep on updating our materials making them better with time.)


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7 thoughts on “NCERT Exemplar Problems Maths : Solutions available! (A Most Useful book for CBSE 2018 & JEE)

  1. Sir,
    How many pages does this e-booklet have ???
    I understand that very, very simple and obvious questions have not been answered…
    Is this e-booklet in PDF or WORD format ???


  2. Sir, NCERT Exemplar Math Solutions Paperback are available on Amazon and Flipkart at a fraction of your price…..

    1. Agreed about the price. The Exemplar solutions they offer have two drawbacks. (1) It doesn’t include examples of this Exemplar book. (2) At some places, they have just changed Questions. Instead of believing what I am saying, please verify the authenticity of my statement.

      1. I have seen that sir in Arihant solution, they do not have examples. And, questions in exercises have been modified too.
        Thank you.

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