Maths Classes For XII By O. P. Gupta

Be Happy. It’s Maths Time Now!

In our Maths classes @ PATHFINDERS CLASSES, Najafgarh we are committed to offer excellence in the teaching of Maths. It is not just another Maths class – Here we don’t just teach Maths but, with us our students learn it – They learn ‘how to learn’. We live Maths! As we insists in our classes, we are not teaching Maths in limitations of any class.. we emphasis on the teaching of actual Maths, beyond the boundaries of any specific class! For our students, Maths time means, a Happy time – not a time of burdens! Join us today and see a difference in your understanding of Maths.

What do we offer in our Programmes for Coaching of Maths for class XII?

  • Seven Days A Week Classes
  • Full Course With Free Revision
  • MATHEMATICIA Books By O. P. Gupta [Volume 1 & Volume 2]
  • Solutions of MATHEMATICIA Books By O. P. Gupta [Vol. 1 & Vol. 2]
  • *MathMania : A Question Bank Of CBSE Exams
  • NCERT Exemplar Problems (Mathematics) – Solutions By O. P. Gupta
  • Complete NCERT Solutions (Online mode)
  • *Solved CBSE Papers (From 2008-2016) – Ten years book (with solved papers)
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Weekly Subjective Tests
  • *Latest 20 Full Syllabus Tests (Pleasure Test Series)
  • *HOTS Assignments By O. P. Gupta
  • *Weekly Objective Tests
  • *Revision Of Class XI (Optional)

Fee Details : (i) Fee is just Rs.11,500/- (with all benefits mentioned above). (ii) The benefits of services marked with ‘*’ are optional (and may require additional payment). Fresh Batches for class XII is starting from March 28, 2016 (6-7 PM) and April 01, 2016 (3-4 PM, 4-5 PM) for the session 2016-2017.

Drop us a call @ +91-9650350480. If you can not join our Direct Contact Classes, you can get our Study Materials. You can obtain MATHEMATICIA Books by Courier and we shall help you through out the year to excel well in Maths. You can Read Here the details and view a Sample Copy of one chapter of Mathematicia (Class XII) as well!


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4 thoughts on “Maths Classes For XII By O. P. Gupta

  1. Hello Sir,
    Your site is very helpful.
    I’m following your site since last few weeks earlier site was awesome and this one is too.
    I’m not a math Geek, But I’ve downloaded few pdf from your site and distributed to our college library and they are thankful to you. If possible do let me know that if it was created by you or you hired someone to do so.
    I’m great fan of his/her/yours Design.

    Looking for your reply.

  2. नजफगढ़ जैसे क्षेत्र के लिए पाथ फाइंडर जैसा संस्थान एक वरदान है। सभी 11th & 12th कक्षा के छात्रों को एक बार अवश्य इस क्लास में आना चाहिए।

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