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Here @ Mathematicia, we aim to help students in their studies in all possible ways. Although it primarily aims at Maths (considering the fact that I’m a Maths teacher) for the students of standards XI & XII in the NCERT Syllabus as per the CBSE curriculum. Still we have managed to get stuffs of other subjects too through Google search.

For Maths – we offer NCERT Solutions, CBSE Solved Papers Of Previous Years, Sample Papers Based on Latest Pattern, Formulae Lists, Study Materials, Topic Tests, Objective Tests, and much more – all these are prepared under the supervision of OP Gupta.
Besides Maths, we are also offering NCERT Solutions of Physics, Chemistry and Biology Of classes XI & XII. Although these are not prepared by us. Alongwith this, sample papers of various subjects have also been made available.

We’re keen to offer Excellence in Education @ Mathematicia. We hope to serve you better with each passing day!

Following links will be helpful to navigate you to your needs :
Maths by OP Gupta : Class 12 | Class 11 | Class 10 | Entrance Exams
Other Subjects : Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc.

You can see Our Class Room Study Materials as well. For details Click Here.

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