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# General Questions & Answers Regarding our Services :

What is Mathematicia?

Mathematicia is an online portal of Mathematics for classes XI and XII specifically designed for Study Guides/ Ready Reference Practice Sheets/ Formulae Sheets/ NCERT Solutions/ CBSE Solved Papers Of Previous Years/ Latest Sample Papers/ Topic Tests/ Objective Tests and much more. These sheets help the students in their preparations for their CBSE Exams/ Unit Tests/ Pre-boards/ Other School Based Exams. Besides, Objective Tests papers and solved papers of IIT-JEE/ JEE-Main/ JEE-Advanced/ AIEEE and other entrance exams are also made available @ Mathematicia. To read our available services for 2015-2016, Click Here.

What are Pleasure Tests?

The Pleasure Tests are the full syllabus tests held @ the classes conducted by OP Gupta for classes XI & XII during every academic session. Obtain a few Samples by clicking here : XI | XII.

How can I get my doubts cleared?

The solutions are available for most of the questions @ Mathematicia. Though in some cases only Hints/ Answers have been provided. If you need assistance in any sum available @ Mathematicia, send a Clear Image of the question at our WhatsApp Help-line number +91-9650350480. We shall revert back to you shortly with the desired solution. Besides, in some cases you can clear your doubts via email too, mail your doubts at

Are there solutions to all questions @ Mathematicia?

Not right now but, there will be eventually. We are adding new solutions almost every day. On the request of many of our users, we have been incorporating solutions to each and every question available @ the Mathematicia.

Are there solutions to all questions in Mathematicia Textbooks?

Yes. All Questions in Mathematicia Textbooks are provided with the Complete Step-By-Step Solutions.  Considering the large number of questions in the textbooks (Mathematicia by OP Gupta), and their solutions – now you do not need to buy many books for your Maths needs of XI and/or XII.

How many questions are there @ Mathematicia?

There are very-very large number of questions @ Mathematicia plus, more sums are being added every day. Additionally, the Class-Room Correspondence Study Packages of XI & XII is much more exhaustive and includes more sums. We have organized the questions in such a way that you will hardly see any question of new kind in your exams. You can be assured that these questions cover the entire breadth and depth of your syllabus of XI & XII. Also, in case you do have a sum that you haven’t seen @ Mathematicia, please do let us know about that for the future users of this website. Send us such questions through WhatsApp @ +91-9650350480 or mail at

How can one get Class-Room Correspondence Study Packages of XI & XII?

Anyone can obtain our Class-Room Correspondence Study Packages of XI & XII by following instructions as given at the website, Click Here to read more.

How can I get the free chapters?

Many stuffs available @ Mathematicia are available to one and all without any payment. In some cases, though you need to be a Paid user of the website. Our Class-Room Correspondence Study Materials can also be purchased which is delivered at your door step. Note that once you pay for our Class-Room Correspondence Study Materials, you can easily access all the things available on the website (or things which will be made available at the website during that academic session).

Will there be errors in questions?

We have tried our best to keep the contents available at the website free of errors. But despite of all our efforts, there might be some minor/ serious errors in some cases. Please, do let us know about the same so that we may fix it promptly for the benefit of future students/ users.

Is Mathematicia the right package for me?

When students practice on Mathematicia online or via our Class-Room Correspondence Packages, they are presented with valuable information that saves them time, effort and improves their efficiency in their studies. Our packages help the students to know the areas where they should focus on. They are far better prepared. There are many good books available in the market. Mathematicia is somehow a compact but exhaustive program which has been prepared keeping in mind the needs of students for Maths of XI & XII. Mathematicia is a product of continuous hard-work and is getting better year after year. Please read the experiences Of our Clients.

How is Mathematicia different from other similar products?

Mathematicia is the most comprehensive study package with plenty of well organized questions, sufficient for a student who aims to excel well in CBSE Boards as well as Entrance exams. It’s unique and highly recommended by academicians across the globe. The Mathematicia helps you gradually cover your syllabus (considering the fact that we are offering NCERT Solutions for absolutely Free). Supplemented with ready Topic Tests/ Sample Papers/ Previous Years Solved papers and much more, you can start working on your weak areas instantly.

Do I need a computer and an Internet connection to use Mathematicia?

Yes, but not always. You will need an internet connection to use Mathematicia. But since the materials can be easily downloaded in PDF format so, once you download you can any time view these materials. You can take print or just keep in your computer/ mobile or other PDF supporting device and use as per your convenience.

Is preparation using Mathematicia enough for getting good scores in boards?

No. Mathematicia is a help and practice tool. It can’t be considered a substitute of a teacher. Learning of concepts can get easier with the help of a teacher and Matematicia. Books and teachers help you to learn concepts. So, Mathematicia is a supplement and not an alternative to regular class-room learning.

How should I use Mathematicia? How much time should I devote on Mathematicia? When should I give the tests?

Mathematicia is a testing and assessment tool that will aid you during your preparation of board and competitive exams. It shall help you in your school exams as well. Ideally, you should give the tests when you get a basic understanding of the relevant concepts. You can test your progress using Mathematicia. Mathematicia helps you to improve your performance, to identify your weak areas and work on them.

# A Few Points/ FAQs For Parents :

My child isn’t preparing for competitive exams. Is Mathematicia required then?

Mathematicia was customized for Board Exams initially. So, the soul of Mathematicia remains the same. It can help in building concepts for Boards as well as the competitive exams. Whether your child is preparing or not for competitive exams, the Mathematicia is helpful. Many students and teachers/ tutors across India and outside prefer Mathematicia frequently for assistance.

My child hasn’t joined a coaching class. Will Mathematicia still be useful?

Of course. Practice is a pre-requisite for excellence in boards and competitive exams. Your child will need to constantly practice questions and track his progress. Mathematicia empowers students to do this and much more by themselves. Students need not be enrolled in a coaching class to gain from Mathematicia if they are attending schools and the school teacher is good enough to explain concepts.

Will Mathematicia interfere with my coaching class preparation?

Mathematicia is a supplement to class-room learning. Practice is very important factor for the success in boards and competitive exams. Your child will need to constantly practice questions and track progress. Mathematicia empowers the students to do this and much more by themselves. The students need not be enrolled in a coaching class to gain from Mathematicia nor will Mathematicia interfere with coaching class schedule.

My child has already joined many test series. Why is Mathematicia required?

Unlike other test series packages, Mathematicia offers your child a highly personalized experience according to his level of preparation. He can choose the topics of his choice whenever he wishes. Adding to that, Mathematicia is used by a large number of students community. Mathematicia has brought cheers for them so, chances are that your child will also benefit.

I have already purchased a lot of books for my child. Why should I now purchase Mathematicia?

Books are great to learn theory and concepts but it is also very important for your child to supplement his/her preparation with practice. Mathematicia has a large question bank which your child can use for their success.

Is there any parent student report/discussion forum?

Coming soon! We are working on it.

How will I know the progress of my ward?

Mathematicia contains many test papers and analysis/ solutions/ marking scheme for each test. You can ask your ward to show you the reports or you yourself can verify the tests your child decided to attempt.


# For Teachers :

I am a teacher. How can Mathematicia help me? Can it reduce my workload?

Mathematicia can take away your headache of preparing questions as you can supplement your class-room teaching by asking students to practice questions using Mathematicia. Since detailed solutions are also available, your students’ queries will be reduced substantially.

How can I get Mathematicia for my own use? Can I get my own Logo on it?

You can surely get digital copy (PDF Format) or Hard Copy with our or your logo. To know more and pricing details, please mail us at or SMS @ +91-9650350480 or Call @ +91-9718240480. Read the details Here.

Price, payment and support :

Is the fee refundable?

At present the refund of payment is not available. That’s why we have added Sample Copy  of anything that needs payment for using. You are requested to be doubly sure before you buy our Packages/ Correspondence Packages.

If I face any problem while using Mathematicia, how can I get it resolved?

You can directly contact us in case you face any issues. You can email us at

How can I pay?

We accept the Payment through Online Banking Only at present. Currently, we don’t support credit cards, debit cards and don’t accept payments through cash or demand drafts. Currently, we don’t accept payments in monthly installments as well. The Bank Details for the payment is mentioned at the website, Click Here.

How much will I have to pay for Mathematicia?

The price details of various services has been mentioned on the website

# Some other common queries not related to us directly :

01. Is doing NCERT Text-books enough to secure ‘good marks’ for CBSE Board Examinations of XII?
Let me clear this : Firstly definition of ‘good marks’ varies from one student to other. A student will be happy to get 60% marks while other may be unhappy despite of scoring 95%. Many questions in the question paper are from NCERT, be it examples or exercise questions. But NOT ALL the questions are from NCERT books. In fact, it will be better to say that the Question Paper is completely based on NCERT ‘Concepts’. So decide yourself.
I would encourage you to CLICK HERE to view the Solved Sample Paper of XII Issued by CBSE for 2013-14. For CBSE Sample Paper of 2014-15, Click Here. You may note that not all the questions are from NCERT books!

02. Is it necessary to do Sample Papers for the better preparation of examinations?
Actually Yes. Why is it so? A sample paper (if based on Latest Exam. Pattern) gives a fair idea about the examination. Sample Papers Issued by CBSE are surely of great help [to obtain, CLICK HERE(1) | CLICK HERE(2) | CLICK HERE(3)]. Previous years papers should be practiced as well [to obtain, CLICK HERE]. Also Click Here (XI) | Click Here (XII) to get Sample Test Papers prepared by me.

# If you’ve any other relevant query, please write to me at

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