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Dear students,
The Board examinations are fast approaching. And they are almost here. For almost one and half months, many students around will be tested upon their learning abilities. I am sure that you would have prepared well for your exams with high energy and better planning. Yet, there may be times when you may experience inexplicable slump in your study routine. Here we shall try to see how to renew your enthusiasm.

Due to the board examinations (or any examinations), students keep busy with their study schedule. Most students follow a pattern of preparation for examinations, which involves studying for 4-5 hours continuously in a stretch. This sometimes might bring on tremendous stress, either because they are not able to keep up with the gruelling routine, or realise that in spite of studying hard, they are not really learning. They are dejected, disheartened or simply slump. Many a time, even the most motivated students experience a slump.

What should we be doing?
— Accept yourself. Everyone has a peak level; the optimum level, that is, when you are fully motivated. Same way, sometimes you energy levels will be low. Accept the phase. Take the remedial course of actions as mentioned in below lines.
— Motivate yourself. Develop the ability of seeing the success you so much crave for, visualise a successful outcome. Have tremendous faith in your ability to perform.
— Are you trying to adopt a different way of learning during the exams? I advise you to stick to the plan you earlier had. If that plan didn’t work, you may discuss the future course of action with elder brother/sister/parents/teachers. Maybe, they can offer you a better plan. At last you have to take the decision, what to follow and what not.
— Monitor your physical state; “listen to your body”. Have a brief time-out as and when required, after a long study hour. Take an hour or two off from studies and relax. Do things you otherwise like to do.
— Avoid heavy physical activities, it may lead to fatigue or lingering illness. Eat nutritious meals.
— Are there some non-academic issues? Maybe some unresolved issues are causing you to slow down. Please, leave these issues to be sorted out after the exams.

Preparing for Board examinations is hard, stressful, and slump is serious. But it is surprising how often the suggestions described can get you on course. Parents need to take note of why slump happens and help their wards in taking the much-needed break to overcome it, instead of mercilessly driving them to a punishing routine.

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A special message. Even if some of your papers don’t go the way you thought or you think you could’ve done better in a certain question of certain subject, please try to be at ease. Don’t be disappointed. Take it as a lesson for your next exams. Try again with more determination eliminating your mistakes. Remember, every one commits mistakes. But those who take the right lessons from their past actions, they emerge as Champion!

I know you are a champion!


— O.P. Gupta, Math Enthusiast


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