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Dear student, exams are around now. Almost arrived.
I know you all have prepared well. Despite of the good preparation from our end, sometimes we get a bit anxious. Cool down. Being stressed and anxious is quite natural. It’s just that you have to keep in mind that it doesn’t get extra space in your head. I am giving you a few link, reading that may be helpful to you : Click Here. Also read PM’s Mann Ki Baat with Students : Click Here. Get Check List of Important Questions of Class XII & Class XI.

Observe the followings when in the examination hall :
(i) Go through the question paper thoroughly once before actually starting the paper. You are given extra time for this! Utilize it. Mark the questions which are easier for you.
(ii) Don’t Be Shocked, don’t panic if you see some unusual questions in the paper. Mark those questions which don’t make sense in the initial look. Be careful while attempting them at the Last.
(iii) Read the ‘question’ very carefully. ANSWER the Question which is ASKED and not which you THINK has been asked.
(iv) Be well prepared physically/mentally for the paper. DON’T Break your RHYTHUM by going for toilet/water etc. In fact, don’t leave your seat once you’re in the examination hall.
(v) Do neat & clean work, at least in the first few pages. For this, attempt only those questions initially where you’re FULLY Confident. It puts good impression on the examiner. Remember that it is your duty to make the examiner convinced with whatever you’ve written.
(vi) Do leave extra space between the successive questions and calculations (as in Probability & LPP) should be left for the final step.
(vii) Develop the speed. Do those questions speedly where you are comfortable. It shall help you in having 15-20 minutes for the revision at the end.
(viii) Have a keen & careful revision of your answers. Be content with what you did, whatever you could do, you have done that at your best. Be peaceful.

Dears, even if some of your papers don’t go the way you thought or you think you could’ve done better in a certain question of certain subject, please try to be at ease. Don’t be disappointed. Take it as a lesson for your next exams. Try again with more determination eliminating your mistakes. Remember, every one commits mistakes. But those who take the right lessons from their past actions, they emerge as Champion!

I know you are a champion!

O.P. Gupta, Math Enthusiast


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