Mathematics of class XII is very interesting. As evident, there are two volumes of NCERT Textbooks covering the entire syllabus as prescribed by Central Board Of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
Here at MATHEMATICIA, we shall try to be of as much help as we can to those in need regarding Maths. It is for this reason that we have provided here NCERT Solutions, CBSE Solved Papers, Latest Sample Papers, Formulae Guides, Study Guides, Topic Tests and more..
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15 thoughts on “CLASS 12

  1. Sir, its very usegul for us. At this time, we have all the notes. Thank you sir.
    Sir, as early as possible give us the chapter App. of Derivative and Linear programming.

  2. Sir, I want to ask you a question of probability.

    Two dice are thrown twice. Find the probability of getting an even number on the first die or a total of 8.

    Tried a lot but not getting the right answer. Please if you could help me.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ruchi
      Take E as a event of getting first even nos. And F as event of getting sum 8 ..
      F=[ 26 62 44 53 35 ]
      E=[ 3*6 ]
      E intersect F = 3
      P(F)= 18

        1. Sir, the p(f) value is supposed to be 5/36 right. but you wrote 4/36.. and then the final answer should be 20/36 instead of 19/36….

    2. Hi Ruchi,
      Take E as a event of getting even no. on first throw & F as event of getting sum 8.
      E = {(2,1), (2,2), …, (2,6), (4,1), …(4,6), (6,1), …, (6,6)}
      F = {(2,6), (3,5), (4,4), (5,3) (6,2)}
      So, n(E intersection F) = 3
      P(E or F) = P(E) + P(F) – P(E intersection F) = 18/36 + 4/36 – 3/36 = 19/36

  3. Can you answer please! Find the maximum and minimum value of function 3-2sinx.
    Also sir I want to thank you for this effort of yours to help students like me.

  4. Dear Mr. OP Gupta Guruji, GOOD DAY.
    TU for all the support provided by you for my daughter’s compartmental exam for class xii in Maths. She cleared the same.
    TU & Best Regards to you always. Please let me be apprised if I could be of any assistance to you.

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