CBSE schools to use only NCERT books

CBSE Schools are now to teach only from NCERT Text-books. The school education department has decided to tighten the rules for school textbooks to be strictly NCERT only and books of all other private publishers should be banned from the School book stores.

This order was issued after the Minister of State School Department Deepak Joshi issued instructions to officers that schools should not be permitted to sell private books at all. In fact, it also banned the sale of stationery material in school premises.

In the recent past, many complaints have been lodged by parents whose children have been forced to buy books by private publishers as teachers in these schools refuse to teach from NCERT books. This has been putting economic pressure on the parents as they have to spend twice on buying two books of the same subject.

According to the orders issued by CPI state, the regulation of monopoly of textbooks and its regulation will be done under section 144 of the CrPc. Under this rule, all district collectors will be allowed to monitor the monopoly and punish the institutions that break the law.

In addition, this rule has also been issued for sale of school uniforms that restricts the school to force parents from buying the uniform from one particular store. Under the order that has been issued, no school can change its uniform or make any changes in the uniform before three years pass.


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