A Quick List Of Our Services For session 2015-16

Hello dear students/ teachers.
We are sure that you would have been enjoying your stay @ MATHEMATICIA. We have been putting in our best efforts to satisfy all your educational needs. All the students/ teachers/ tutors are requested to bring out any errors in any of our services available here. It shall be helpful for many future users of this website. You may offer your suggestion(s) to us as well. Please find our contact info Here.

Here we are providing you A Quick List Of Services available @ MATHEMATICIA

Class XII Materials MathsMania : Board Question Bank (XII) CBSE Solved Papers (XII) Sample Papers (XII)
Formulae Lists (XII) Study Guides (XII) Topic Tests (XII) NCERT Solutions (XII)
All Subjects (XII) Class XI Materials Study Guides (XI) Formulae Lists (XI)
Sample Papers (XI) Topic Tests (XI) NCERT Solutions (XI) All Subjects (XI)
Class X Materials Buy Study Package (XI & XII) Buy NCERT Exemplar Problems Solutions (XII)

See how does Toppers write : VAS-2013 | VAS-2012 | VAS-2011.

See the Marking Scheme (CBSE) : Maths-XII-Marking Scheme (March 2014)

See the Marking Scheme (Maths – 2014) : Delhi Comptt.Outside Comptt.

See the Question Papers (CBSE Maths) with Solutions : Click Here

We hope our efforts would have helped you in your preparations! If there’s anything that needs to be added/changed here, please let us know of the same at theopgupta@gmail.com | M.+91-9718240480
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