6. Class Room Tests (XI)

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We are working our best to provide you with all the work with excellence in Maths. Be it your Unit Tests conducted at your school or any other exams [In fact, we aim to assist you in your preparations for the board examinations of class XII, when you come in XII; which is conducted by Central Board Of Secondary Examinations, New Delhi (CBSE, New Delhi) or, other competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, JEE-Main, NDA/NA etc.] – we are trying our best to serve you better.
Here we shall be providing you all the Class-Room Tests for class XI (which is held weekly) at the classes run by OP Gupta. As and when a test is conducted in our classes, it shall be made available in the space below. To assist you in your preparations, the Answer-Key (and/or Hints/Solutions) has also been provided here. We would urge you to follow the guide-lines (such as total time allotted to do the tests, no cheating etc.) so that you get maximum benefits out of these tests. We hope that it shall prove beneficial to you.

01. CRT-01 (Sets Theory) 
02. CRT-02 (Relations) | CRT-03 (Sets Theory)
03. CRT-04 (Relations & Functions)
04. CRT-05 (Trigonometric Functions) | CRT-06 (Trigo. Functions)
05. CRT-07 (Trigo. Functions & Induction)
06. CRT-08 (Ch 04 to Ch 06)
07. CRT-09 (Chapter 05 to Chapter 07)
08. CRT-10 (Chapter 01 to Chapter 08) | CRT-11 (Chapter 01 to Chapter 08)
09. CRT-12 (Chapter 01 to Chapter 08) | CRT-13 (Chapter 01 to Chapter 08)
10. CRT-14 (Binomial Theorem) | CRT-15 (AP & GP) | CRT-16 (Sequences & Series)
11. CRT-17 (Straight Lines) | CRT-18 (Straight Lines & Conics)
12. CRT-19 (Conics) | CRT-20 (3 D Geo & Limits)
13. CRT- 21 (Limits & Derivatives) 
14. CRT-22 (Probability)
15. CRT-23 (Statistics)

Don’t forget to write to us if you notice any error or misprints in anything provided here. Please share your views with us in case you want to offer any suggestion(s). Your effort(s) shall be of great help to many Maths learners like us.

We hope our efforts would have helped you in your preparations! If there’s anything that needs to be added/changed here, please let us know of the same at theopgupta@gmail.com
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