5. Study Guides (XII)

Hello folks.
Here we have provided Check List Of Important Questions along with the Examples of NCERT Textbooks for Maths, Part I and Part II for the students of class XII. Besides this, Value Based Questions, Advanced Level & Challenge 30 Assignments, Help-Guides and many more stuffs are also added.

We hope our efforts would have helped you in your preparations! If there’s anything that needs to be added/changed here, please let us know of the same at theopgupta@gmail.com
Please Share your view about our Maths work.

11 thoughts on “5. Study Guides (XII)

  1. This is to express my sincere appreciation for your highly commendable efforts in your website for mathematics … The kind of motivation being provided to students is really helpful … This is real Buddha nature of yours making students and parents happy by this effort of yours ..

  2. Superbbb effort and selfless service sir! May God bless you Sir!!
    Regards BP Gupta
    PGT Maths,
    Vidyagyan School, Sita Pur, Lucknow

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