4. Formulae Guides (XI)

Hello folks.
The Textbook of Maths published by NCERT for the students of class XI consists of 16 chapters in all. Each chapter is quite different from the remaining chapters. (Although not completely in a few cases) Every chapter offers a new dimension to learn.
Followings are the List Of Important Formulae based on all the Topics Of NCERT Textbook of class 11. The presentation of each topic has been done in an illustrative format. Covering all the aspects of the concerned topic, these Formulae Guides will be quite helpful for all.

We hope our efforts would have helped you in your preparations! If there’s anything that needs to be added/changed here, please let us know of the same at theopgupta@gmail.com
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6 thoughts on “4. Formulae Guides (XI)

      1. Hello sir, good evening! Your course is very helpful. I do have a question, please help me! Getting confused. If x = 3 + root over 8 then x + 1/x = ? Plz do help.

  1. Sir, Your FORMULARY is very helpful. The Accurate and Conscience statements written in it surely reflects your Great Efforts & Excellence. Thanks once again.

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