2. Sample Papers (XI)

Hello folks.
Time to time CBSE, New Delhi issues the guidelines to be adopted while setting up of the question paper for internal examinations of class XI. ( It is evident that the annual examinations of class XI are conducted by the school itself.)
For the purpose of practice and reference, we are providing here Sample Papers of Maths based on the latest guidelines of CBSE. For the purpose of evaluation, the Solutions, Hints and/or Answers of the questions in Sample Papers have been added too.

These Sample Papers are Latest papers for the Annual Exams 2016-17. The tests marked with * are Locked tests. The password can be obtained after paying Rs.80/- per test. For details, contact us via WhatsApp @ +91 9650350480.

PTS-01 : Available PTS-02: Available PTS-03: Available PTS-04: Availabe
PTS-05* : Available
PTS-06: Available PTS-07: Available PTS-08: Available
PTS-09* : Available PTS-10 : Available

We hope our efforts would have helped you in your preparations! If there’s anything that needs to be added/changed here, please let us know of the same at theopgupta@gmail.com

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  1. I am new in this website but it is very useful for me… So I want to thank you for this wonderful collection of study materials.

  2. Respected sir,
    I am new for this website but it is good for Teachers as well as students. You have done wonderful work. Best website for 10th, 11th & 12th standard…

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