Hello There

This is O.P. Gupta

Having taught Mathematics passionately since 2006, I have devoted myself to this subject. No matter how I feel, I feel better when I teach. I am always delighted when students tell me they hated Math before and could never learn it, but taking Math with me has made it understandable and even a little enjoyable. Every book, study material or practice material I have written, tries to teach serious Math in a way that allows the students to learn Math without being afraid.

I have organized many sessions on Math for the students of XI, XII and teachers various schools in Delhi and outside. I am qualified as an Electronics & Communications engineer. Due to my passion towards Math, I did Maths (Hons.) as well. I have been honoured with the prestigious INDIRA AWARD by the Govt. of Delhi.

To me, teaching Math is always a great joy. I hope I can give you some of this joy!

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